Marta Cuquet was born in a village close to Barcelona in 1986. From the very beginning she had creativity concerns which drove her to study ‘Estilismo y diseno de escaparates’ at Escuela Superior de Diseno de Barcelona.

This knowledge was the key to explore some other brands on Design. In 2010, she was awarded with a grant that allowed her to study ‘Diseno de Interiores’ at the Instituro Europeo di Design (IED) of Barcelona.

During the studies at the IED, Marta Cuquet developed a clear preference for the functionality, being this one the most important characteristic in her designs which have been focused more in the design of the product instead of the open plan designs.

In 2012, together with Francisco Marquez, presented the project ‘CarrerNet’ for Japan Tobacco in the Triennale of Milan. In October of the same year, Marta was one of the finalists together with Alessandra Colella and Sanna Völker in ‘One Day’ event from Roca with the Flexileno design.

In October of 2013, also with Sanna Völker, they won the International Jump the Gap event from Roca presenting the Still You design.




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